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Long, Restful Beauty Sleep - Sweet Dreams!

Feeling and looking like you're not getting enough sleep? You're not alone! Create a soothing, bedtime moment with our newly formulated, essential-oils-infused Dream Sleep Body Oil - with a proven-effective, relaxing lavender fragrance!

Formulated to moisturise your skin, Dream Sleep Body Oil glides on and absorbs easily while imparting a pleasant, calming lavender aroma - its proven relaxation effect helping ease you into longer, restful sleep! Sweet dreams!

With sound sleep a well-known, effective beauty regime, awaken well-rested and revitalised, looking and feeling great - ready for a new day! Limited edition.

  1. Start your Dream Sleep bedtime ritual by first applying Dream Sleep Body Oil directly onto cleansed skin for smooth, moisturised skin.
  2. Massage Dream Sleep Body Oil gently into your skin to release tension, and ease body and mind.

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