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Beauty is a force for good both in the UK and globally.

£14.2 billion last year, that is what we spent in Britain on Beauty. We love our beauty fix, whether it is a spa getaway or a weekly hair, nail, lash or injectable treatment, the figures speak volumes, and it seems we just can't get enough.

In the quest for perfection, we ask you to consider, are you researching those products, treatments and services the safe way?

Our beauty news section is dedicated to delivering you daily reports on the latest news, reviews and views across all service sectors of the beauty industry, from the latest launches, the must have cult brand favourites, right through to the eye opening stories of real botched beauty experiences, shared by brave victims in a bid to help to create awareness of safety.

Our passion is your safety and we’re dedicated to safely inspiring beauty.

Her Journey to the Top
My life my style

If seven years ago, you’d told Diana Sachirciuc that she’d hold the highest Oriflame title in Moldova, have taken over 60 flights to 20 different countries, and be married and a mother of two, she wouldn’t have believed you. At 28 she’s on a role - get ready to feel inspired!

You joined Oriflame at 22, what inspired you to start your own beauty business?
The opportunity to build a business has always inspired me. I wanted to reach my full potential and dreamt of having something that depended solely on me; it’s a very precious feeling that I wasn’t able to find working for someone else.

Have you always loved beauty products?
Yes, I’ve always loved makeup and looking my best. Oriflame helped me make another one of my dreams come true: buying as much makeup as I want!

At 28, and in just six years, you’ve reached the highest title in Moldova! What’s your secret to success?
Yes it’s true! I was only 27-years-old when I became a Senior Diamond Director. In my opinion, the secret to success is having a positive attitude, the right priorities, and an acute sense of responsibility; I know that my success depends on me, and me only – it’s important to remember that.

Since joining Oriflame, you’ve travelled all over the world; where’s been you favourite destination?
In the short time that I’ve been with Oriflame, I’ve visited almost 20 countries! The most memorable was my first trip to Thailand in 2013 – it had a major impact on my life.

“I have the freedom to prioritise my time and organise my work however I want to”

Had you travelled much before joining Oriflame?
Prior to joining Oriflame I’d never travelled much, and I’d never taken an aeroplane before; now, in just four years, I’ve taken almost 62 flights! I’ve been to the Gold, Manager and Diamond Conferences, and been invited to speak at other events too. 

Wow, you travel a lot now! 
Not so long ago, when I made a collage of my hopes and dreams, I wrote down that I wanted to travel four times in one year - over the least year, I’ve taken six trips with Oriflame. This kind of travel is much more than a holiday or a work trip, it’s a new way of life; a life that’s very inspiring, and one that I’m willing to work hard for!

What’s the best thing about attending an Oriflame conference?
I can’t choose a favourite! Travelling with Oriflame is a whole new level of travel: I remember eating at the Emirates Palace, a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi surrounded by my best friends – it was an incredible experience that on my own, I could never have afforded.

Where would be your dream destination?
My dream destination is Rio de Janeiro. When I first started with Oriflame the Diamond Conference was held in Rio – that’s probably what motivated me to reach the Diamond Director title! I dream of going there, and to Tokyo and to Antarctica – but there are so many other places that I’d love to visit too! 

Do you use the internet to sell and recruit into your network? If so, how?
I don’t use the internet to recruit, but I use it for many other things. My generation doesn’t think online or offline – to us, it’s just communication. I use the internet for business, to maintain relationships, and to promote the lifestyle that Oriflame offers – it would be far harder without it!

You have a son and now a daughter – how do you juggle running your business and being a mother?
In the time I’ve been with Oriflame, I’ve gotten married, given birth to my first son, and just three weeks ago, a daughter. I’ve always been inspired by successful, powerful women who also spend a lot of time raising their families – in this sense, Oriflame has helped me make my dream come true: I have the freedom to prioritise my time and organise my work however I want to. So how do I juggle it all? As harmoniously as I can.

Take the Texture Test!
Beauty School

Does your makeup live up to your expectations of it? Take our test and discover the brand and the makeup texture that will make your life that little bit more beautiful! 

a) streamlined: you’ve got a small collection of brushes of the highest quality 
b) limited: you like to use your fingers and a few multipurpose brushes 
c) extensive: makeup artists would envy it! 
d) complete: you’ve got everything you need to get the look you like 
e) starting-out: you bought your first one last summer 

a) several times a day – you like to look immaculate  
b) rarely, the beauty of the natural-look is that it’s low maintenance 
c) at any given opportunity, you might change looks over lunch if you fancy it! 
d) never – you expect to apply your makeup in the morning and that’s it! 
e) after school, you only wear lip gloss and fun nail polish 

a) 10 minutes – you’ve got it down to an art form 
b) don’t know – 2, maybe 5 minutes? 
c) you could spend hours doing it but you’ve got to get to work!
d) under 10 minutes, but once it’s there, it’s there for the day 
e) 15 minutes, you’re only just getting the hang of things 

a) a seasoned professional 
b) an amateur even though you’ve been wearing it for years 
c) if there were the makeup Olympics, you’d be a gold medalist 
d) an accomplished multi-tasker - you do your makeup while checking emails, watching the news, having a coffee… 
e) a beginner, but you and your friends love it! 

a) glossy magazines 
b) your friends 
c) bloggers, vloggers, magazines, celebrities – everywhere! 
d) inspiration? Who has time for that? 
e) Youtube – you love to follow vloggers

a) you’re not into trends, you’re more classic than that 
b) lightweight mascara and a dusting of bronzer – wait, is that a trend? 
c) where to begin? Glitter eyes, shaped eyebrows, strobed skin… 
d) contoured cheekbones that take me from office to dinner-date 
e) bright coloured lip glosses and fun nail art 

a) red lipstick 
b) a lightweight mascara 
c) your whole makeup bag, you couldn’t possibly choose a single product 
d) foundation 
e) your new eye palette – creating different looks is so much fun! 

Giordani Gold
You believe that luxury is something that should be injected into everything you do. You appreciate great food, well-designed clothing and expertly crafted products in classic shades. Giordani Gold is a collection designed for the discerning woman, with bronzing pearls that are made by hand in Italy and foundation that’s infused with exclusive White Truffle Extract. When it comes to texture, think indulgence. 

When “no makeup, makeup” hit the catwalk you cheered! To you, makeup should look natural and low maintenance; it should enhance your features without drawing too much attention. Featherlight by The ONE offers lightweight textures that glide easily onto the skin and promise results without the hassle of touching-up or complicated application processes.

The One High-impact
Colour intensity is non-comprisable. You expect your makeup to offer even coverage in colours that last. Not one to shy away from eye-catching textures, you’ve got a versatile collection of matte, ultra-glossy, creamy and powdered products – if it’s on trend, it’s in your makeup bag; it could only be High-Impact by The ONE.

The One Longwear 
You’re a woman on the move, which is why “Longwear” by The ONE is your perfect range. With products designed to stand the test of time (the bestselling foundation offers 25hours wear!) and transfer resistant formulas, it’s the only collection that can meet your high standards. 

Very Me 
You’re taking your first steps into the world of makeup – now is the time to experiment with colour and texture. Whilst you’re getting to know your own unique makeup style avoid splashing out on expensive products and take the time to mix-and-match. Very Me offers fun and playful makeup that’s suitable for young women – you’ll love the textures: glitter, glossy, silky or powdered!

How to Shop Perfume Online (Without Smelling It
Beauty School

Some products are easy to buy online - perfume isn’t traditionally one of them. Here’s how to discover your next signature scent, without smelling it first. 

Look to the perfume you’re already wearing for inspiration. What notes feature or what fragrance group is it from? You may discover that you have a penchant for floral fragrances, in which case you should probably stick to that group. If you’re not sure what notes your existing fragrance portfolio includes, sites like can help.

OK, so you won’t always have the same opinion as the rest of the online community, but reading reviews can help you get a feeling for a fragrance. If a lot of people say a perfume is “too strong” and you like lighter aromas, then it’s probably not the perfume for you. Blogs can be a good source for impartial reviews too.

Understand what you prefer: eau de cologneeau de toilette or eau de parfum. An eau de colognedoesn’t last for long but is great for a refreshing pick-me-up, whereas an eau de toilette is the most common type of fragrance, normally lasting for several hours. If you like stronger, longer lasting scents you should opt for an eau de parfum or parfum. Know which you prefer before clicking: “Buy”.

Get to know the descriptive words that are commonly used in relation to scent. If a smell is depicted as “intense”, “seductive” and “enveloping,” then it’s likely to be a woody or Oriental fragrance, suited for the evenings or making an impact. But, if it “bursts” or “sparkles” then it’s probably a feminine, floral or fruit-based scent. 

A fragrance’s packaging channels the theme and smell of the scent within it. A gold box and bottle suggests eveningwear and an opulent smell. Pale blue and green packages imply nature and freshness (think summer and daywear), whilst pink bottles are likely to be feminine and made up of floral notes.

Perfumers (or Noses) tend to have their own signature style, so have a look at their portfolio of fragrances – let’s call it their CV – and see if you’re familiar with any of their other creations. If you enjoyed one, you’re likely to enjoy another.

Just because a fragrance is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Look for other quality signals, instead of price tag alone.
Ask the Expert
Food to Improve Your Mood
Ask the Expert

What if we told you that a few tweaks to your diet could make you a happier person? Have we got your attention? We spoke to Oriflame’s Wellness Formulation Expert, Dr. Anke Ginzburg to find out what good mood eating really means. 

Why does food have the ability to alter our mood, and how does what we eat relate to our feelings? 
Food is a very powerful tool and has a major impact on how we feel. If we do not have the nutrition that our bodily system needs, we will certainly feel the negative impact on our emotions. Eating high GI foods can give us an energy rush, which leaves us with low blood sugar, and a burnt out, lethargic feeling. While low levels of Vitamins from the B-family have been associated with negative mood swings. 

One neurotransmitter that is often associated with feeling happy and content is serotonin. Serotonin satiates us after we have eaten a meal – it also contributes to the feeling of being in love. You can top up your serotonin levels by eating bananas, kiwi fruit and pineapples. 

What are good fats (and bad ones) and what role do they play in our disposition?Good fats are the ones that are needed by the body to function properly. Every cell in the body needs fats in order to function. When we refer to good fats, we often mean polyunsaturated fatty acids (or Omega-3 or -6 fatty acids), which are available in walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds or fatty fish.

Bad fats, or saturated fats, are obtained from processed food and do not occur in nature. These fats have a tendency to accumulate in the cardiovascular system, where they may clog blood vessels, leading to heart attacks and strokes. They also cause damage to your cell membranes and consequently your nervous system. So next time you reach for a doughnut, remember that the saturated fats in it won’t just end up on your hips, but in your brain too!

"Next time you reach for a doughnut, remember that the saturated fats in it won't just end up on your hips, but in your brain too!"

Emotional eating is often linked to the eating of fatty and sugary foods – why do we crave “bad” foods when we feel down, rather than – let’s say, spinach?
Eating as an action, in itself gives us pleasure. Our brains are wired to flood our nervous system with dopamine when we eat certain foods, which make us happy.

The reason why we opt for fatty and sugary foods is actually evolutionary. The original intent of this mechanism was to ensure the survival of the human race in a time where food was very scarce. By connecting high calorie foods with the reward of pleasure, nature ensured that in times of starvation, we would not opt for the low calorie foods but ones with the highest caloric value.

The problem is that today we find these salts, fats and sugars in food that is particularly bad for us.

The term coined “hangry” refers to when someone is angry because they are hungry – is this a real thing? Why does it happen?
Hunger is very basic; it’s our body signalling that we need food. But scientifically speaking there is no such thing as “hangry”.

We are creatures of habit that tend to have fixed patterns of how and when we like to eat. We are used to feeling satisfied at certain times of the day and feel unbalanced – or “hangry” - when we don’t follow our usual eating patterns.

Why does processed food leave one feeling tired and sluggish?
Processed foods tend to be high in calories in the shape of saturated fats and sugar. And refined sugars often have a very high glycaemic index (GI).  High GI foods can stimulate an energy rush, which after a short experience of euphoria leaves us with the crash of low blood sugar. This is the feeling of sluggishness. 

What is a healthy – and happy – alternative to eat instead of processed snacks?
The answer has to be bananas – they’re the ultimate happy food. They’re balanced in complex carbohydrates and protein and contain various vitamins and minerals.

What does a “happy” diet look like?
A happy diet is balanced in protein, complex carbohydrates, good fats and micronutrients. Getting as much unprocessed or lightly cooked fresh and organic fruit and vegetable is key for the happy-dieter.

Healthy and body
Fit and Fabulous, Whatever Your Age!
Healthy and body

Regular physical activity is a cornerstone of wellness no matter your age. But as we get older our bodies change, requiring us to tailor our workouts accordingly.

If you’re fit and healthy in your younger years, you’re likely to carry on good habits into your older ones. Commit to at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity, five times a week. Your body may be strong in your 20’s, but you still need to increase lean muscle and boost your metabolism with strength training. Circuit training is a great way of combining cardiovascular activity with toning.


In your 30’s, your metabolism slows making it harder to drop the body fat. Perhaps you have a family or work commitments, but nevertheless it’s important that fitness habits are a part of your every day life. Try to create a routine that balances high-intensity aerobic activity (like interval training) with strength training. Join a weekly Pilates class, which will help you pull muscle up and in.

”Perhaps you have a family or work commitments, but nevertheless it’s important that fitness habits are a part of your every day life”

Your 40’s is when you can really put the groundwork in for good health in the future. Buy a pedometer and ensure that you are walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. Aside from daily cardio exercise – with a day off to rest – you want to include resistance training into your schedule. If you’re anxious about picking up the weights, hire a trainer or join a gym class – you don’t want to get injured.


Many women experience hormonal changes during their 50’s, which can cause an increase in fat around your torso area. Look after your waistline by working your core with a stability ball, or sign up for a yoga class and workout your mind and body simultaneously. Exercising with low-weight dumbbells will protect your muscles and joints, complementing your cardio schedule.


60’s and on 
On entering your “golden age” be sure to take extra good care of your bones. Your body should be challenged, but not exhausted. Swimming and aqua-aerobics are low-impact ways to stay toned. If you suffer from joint pains, why not try Nordic walking? It’s suitable for all fitness levels. And for balance – essential at this age - Tai chi will improve your strength and flexibility. 

Healthy and Body
How to Get the Most our of Your Exercise Routine
Healthy and Body

Strong is the new slim. But to be harder, better, faster and stronger, our bodies need to be taken care of. They need the right tools, a balanced diet and adequate restorative time to really make the most out of a workout – here’s how. 

There is something about slipping into a pair of new trainers that can immediately make you feel healthier. And that’s before you even break a sweat! But your workout gear can also have a direct impact on your health. Old, worn shoes are one of the most common causes of injury. If you’re a runner, consider your foot type (flat, neutral or high-arched) when buying trainers. And, pick clothing that is slim-fitted and designed to wick away sweat to avoid discomfort.

Exercisers have been the biggest adopters of the wearable technology trend. Today, there is a vast collection of apps available that monitor your activity levels and advise on diet. We love apps that map runs, tracking distance, speed and time!

Make the most out of your fitness routine by giving your body the fuel it needs. An hour before intense exercise drink 500ml of water to avoid dehydration. This is also a good time to “load” your body with slow burning carbohydrates, but If you’re low on energy just before your workout, eat a date or a handful of raisins - these fast-burning natural sugars will give you a quick energy-boost.

A balanced diet is a key-component to health and fitness, but supplements can give you the essential ingredients you may still be lacking. If you’re athletic you want to include Vitamin B in your diet to help your body break down carbohydrates, whilst Vitamin C will help you metabolise them and protect your immune system. Vitamin D will assist your body to absorb calcium, promoting healthier bones.

Your body needs to recover after intense exercise, so allow it adequate time to repair. Protect your muscles with an astaxanthin supplement[SM1] , which increases endurance and protects your cells. Or, if your muscles are aching, try brewing some fresh ginger in boiling water for relief, or try a spoon of turmeric, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

My Life, My Style
How to Turn Your Passion into a Business
My Life, My Style

Lara Golay is the bubbly Californian behind Barre Mode: a high-intensity, low impact fitness class, that fuses classical ballet, pilates, yoga and cardio training. This year she opened the first boutique Barre fitness studio in Stockholm and classes are already selling out! Inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, we invited Lara to share her tips for transforming your passion into a profitable business. 

1. Play to your strengths. I believe it’s essential to find something unique, but on saying that, don’t be afraid to take an existing concept and do it in a new way that plays to your talents. I first discovered barre classes in L.A. and soon realised that it was an idea I could adapt and bring to Stockholm. I drew on my experience as a former competitive figure skater, a performer and a musician, to create something that was new and fresh."

2. Do your research and make a plan. "We all have passions, but transforming your interests into a business is different. Take courses, get experience, research online, and allow time to develop your knowledge and idea before launching your business."

3. Start small. "Start by implementing your idea in the simplest way possible. I piloted Barre Mode by teaching a weekly, hour-long class in a studio I rented from a friend. This allowed me to see whether my business idea had potential - I now hold 17 classes a week in my own studio space! I think that the same goes for any business, even beauty: buy a small selection of products and get feedback from your potential customers. What do they like? What don’t they like? What would they like to see more of? This information is invaluable. You don’t need to start huge, start small and let growth happen organically."

"I truly believe that nothing is impossible and that no idea is unrealistic. What often sets us back is unrealistic timelines."

4. Learn to set goals. "I truly believe that nothing is impossible and that no idea is unrealistic. What often sets us back is unrealistic timelines. You will achieve your vision, but it may take you years, so it’s important to have tangible goals to reach along the way.”

5. Prepare for rejection.  "Rejection is inevitable, but don’t view it as failure, see it as an opportunity to learn. It’s taken me years to learn not to dwell on my mistakes and instead to reinvent and move forward.”

6. Love what you do. “Have a real belief in what you’re doing and what you’re working towards. If your passion comes from a genuine place, you’ll be willing to work hard and do whatever it takes for you to reach your goals. Sure, there will be bumps along the way, but they’ll be far easier to overcome if you love what you’re doing
Healthy and body
5 Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Soft and Healthy
Healthy and body

Introducing new Brand for July-Aug 2020. THE BABY O PRODUCT PHILOSOPHY: A ‘LESS IS MORE’ APPROACH We’re as committed to your baby as you are and that’s why we don’t believe in exposing your precious bundle of joy to anything unnecessary. In addition to being 95% natural, Baby O is grounded in a ‘less is more’ philosophy. That means no fragrances, harsh ingredients or allergens, and minimal use of preservatives – where possible our products are ‘self-preserving’. Where it is not possible to self-preserve we have used nature-identical preservatives commonly used in food and drinks. All our Baby O formulations are formulated without parabens, phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde releasers. Every product is dermatologically and allergy tested and proven safe for newborn skin.

There are so many new things to think of when you have a new baby, and that includes how to best care for their skin. Find out how to keep your baby’s skin soft, protected and nourished at all times. 

There is nothing quite like the softness of baby skin. Holding a newborn baby, gazing into their all-knowing eyes and marveling over the softness of their skin is nothing but mesmerizing. Maybe that softness is designed to inspire us to care for their delicate skin? We sure don’t know, but that is what it needs! 

Baby skin is more sensitive 
Baby skin is significantly thinner than adult skin. Despite the softness, it has less oils and natural moisturising factors, more easily loses moisture and is more affected by aggressors from outside like fragrances, chemicals and irritants. This means babies’ skin is more vulnerable to problems like dryness, irritation and discomfort. 

So, here are a few tips to help keep baby’s precious skin perfectly soft, smooth and healthy!

1. Clean the body gently
Adult soaps and bath products can contain detergents, fragrances and ingredients which can strip the baby’s skin barrier and cause irritation. Baby O’ Shampoo & Body Wash is specially formulated to gently cleanse and replenish the skin barrier at the same time. 

Tip: does baby really need a bath today? It’s always lovely bathing your baby but try and keep bathing to a minimum.

2. Take care with your laundry
Laundry products often contain harsh detergents and fragrances which can irritate a baby’s delicate skin. Consider switching to products suitable for sensitive skin, not just for your baby’s clothes and bedding but for the whole family – think of all those cuddles – your baby’s skin will come into contact with your clothes and bedding too.

Tip: look for products which are fragrance free, hypoallergenic and designed for sensitive skin.

3. Give the diaper area special attention
When a baby is wearing a diaper, its bottom is especially vulnerable to painful rashes and microbial growth. So, it’s important to make sure the diaper area is as clean, dry and protected as possible. 

Tip: Try to change your baby’s diaper as often as possible to prevent moisture build-up, and let them be diaper free sometimes to let the skin breathe. 

4. Help boost baby’s skin barrier
Prevention is always better than cure, which is why it’s a great idea to make head-to-toe skin care part of your daily baby routine. It’s also the perfect opportunity for beautiful bonding moments which are so essential for baby’s overall wellbeing and emotional development! Try Baby O’ Multi-Purpose Balm which is designed to nourish and protect your baby’s skin from dryness.

Tip: Make sure your home isn’t too hot, as hot air can draw moisture out of your baby’s skin. 

5. Massage your baby’s skin 
Touch plays a foundational role in early brain development and has been shown to positively impact neurodevelopmental outcomes such as better sleep-wake cycles. Gentle stroking seems to offer the most significant affect. Try baby massage with Baby O´ Baby Oil, which is designed to nourish and replenish the skin barrier, while also softening and soothing the skin. 

Tip: Give your baby a massage before bedtime to help them relax and wind down. 

Baby O’ – in perfect harmony with baby skin 
All Baby O’ products are 95% natural and formulated with pure Swedish Oat Oil, which works in perfect harmony with baby skin. It is almost identical to the lipids – the special oils – found in the baby’s own skin barrier. It helps create a ‘second skin’ effect that strengthens your baby’s skin barrier and keeps their skin soft, nourished and protected. Try the products here.


Creative, individual and fearless. The ONE - Express Collection gives you the tools to create your own unique and bold looks. Be yourself. Love yourself. Express yourself

Lip Sensation Blogger Challenge
Feature Editorial

6 Bloggers from the furthest reaches of the globe tried out The ONE’s Lip Sensation Matte Mousse – check out their style secrets and how they wore it!

Alexandra Ivanisevic, MexAlex:
Wearing: Toffee Cream

“I don't have very big lips so I feel like the matte effect is perfect for me. I don't know why, but it makes my lips feel bigger! I will be letting my lips get all the attention, wearing them with natural makeup and a simple outfit – the matte effect is awesome, which is why it should be the centre of attention. I’ll be keeping it simple.”

Natasha Ngan, Girl in the Lens
Wearing: Coral Dream

“Matte makeup always has such a luxe feel, whilst still being great for everyday wear. It has that effortlessly sexy vibe. If I'm going for a matte lip, I keep the rest of my make up simple - a flick of eyeliner and a touch of bronzer is enough! I also like wearing it with my hair tied back to bring even more attention to the lipstick. In the daytime I pair it with a simple white shirt and boyfriend jeans combo to keep the vibe casual but with a touch of elegance - a pair of heels completes the style! In the evening I like to play up the colour of my lipstick with a matching dress - there's something so vibrant about a coral lip with a coral dress, especially in summer.” 

"Don't be afraid of lipstick. You shouldn't fear being fantastic and feeling wonderful!"

Victoria Moiseeva, Koffka the Cat
Wearing: Boysenberry

"This trendy and super-versatile lipstick shade blends perfectly with any skin tone - from very light to dark! The burgundy colour looks really pretty with the mousse texture and velvety matte finish, which is why I wanted to create this Goth-inspired look. To do it, I left eyes and brows as natural as I could – it reminds me of velvety rose petals."

Adela Mazankova, The Aesthet
Wearing: Toffee Cream

“I like au natural makeup, and as you can probably see from my photos, I stick to natural earthy and basic colours in my closet as well. I fell in love with the nude shade of the Lip Sensation Toffee cream and the fact that it’s matte, because it works a little like foundation - just for my lips. It's fresh and the consistency is very light and not sticky at all, yet it lasts very long – it’s quickly become my daily beauty product! The matte makeup trend goes with everything, day or night, but my spring style looks like this: a mix of white, grey or nude, with lots of little details and layers. I’m currently in love with the (micro)trend of bare shoulders and knots – on everything!”

Fatma Zahi, Street Style Tunisia 
Wearing: Coral Dream

“First things first: I’m a lipstick addict. For me, this is THE essential beauty product. When it comes to makeup I’m daring and there’s no limit to the textures and colours I wear, but I confess that matte red lips are my darlings! I wear them day or night, to work or to go out with friends. They’re easy and don’t require must effort, whilst adding a touch of sophistication and giving an instant beauty boost.”

Sofia Novais de Paula, Diario de Batom
Wearing: Red Velvet

“I love wearing leather and this matte lipstick pairs perfectly with it. I like everything about it: how easy it is to apply, the way it fills my lips, the colour and tone, how long it lasts – it suits my personality perfectly. Before I applied it I used a lip pencil to define my lips, applied the Matte Mousse and pressed my lips together. I take my lipstick everywhere and use a makeup remover or wet wipe to remove any excess colour before I reapply. If you’re trying this look for the first time my advice is this: don’t be afraid of lipstick. You shouldn’t fear being fantastic and feeling wonderful

Soaring to Success!
My life my style
Soaring to Success!

It’s impossible not to be charmed by Enna. This petite 28-year-old from Bali, Indonesia, is ultra-stylish, chatty and radiates passion; it’s no wonder she’s been so successful. Three years after joining Oriflame, she’s travelled back-and-forth to Europe and built an impressive beauty business – all while maintaining a successful career as a flight attendant. We spoke to Enna to find out how she does it!

As well as working with Oriflame, you’re also a flight attendant – when did you start?
I started working for a local Indonesian airline in 2008 when I was only 18-years-old – it was my childhood ambition! In 2011 I joined the airline Air Asia and requested to be based in Bali so I could be near my family – being close to family is the best thing in life!

You must travel a lot - what’s been your favourite trip ever?
My favourite trip was when I went to London for the Gold Conference in 2015; it was only five months after my wedding so it felt like a free honeymoon sponsored by Oriflame! I really enjoyed being in London, and I’m still amazed by how Oriflame manages to create such a fantastic, VIP experience. 

“It’s an easy way to start a business without needing much money to begin with...”

What does a typical Oriflame conference look like? 
Everything Oriflame says about their conferences is true! Whether it’s Gold or Diamond, it’s like a dream conference because Oriflame chooses the most desirable destinations that many people haven’t been to; for example, for us Indonesians, going to London isn’t easy. Even if you have a lot of money, it’s still difficult to get a visa. But with Oriflame, when I went to Jakarta to apply for my visa, all I had to do was say one word: “Oriflame,” and they said “OK!” It was so easy.

Oriflame arranged everything for us. In the Master class sessions, we learned how to grow our business, faster and better. And in the Recognition Awards and Gala Dinners, we received motivation and inspiration from those leaders who began their businesses from nothing and are now successful. I’ve honestly learned from so many people from around the world!

How did you discover Oriflame? Was it the idea of travel that first drew you in? 
My husband is the best of friends with Niek Made Sugiarti and Nyoman Suryananta (who are in the Top 15 in Indonesia). When I met Ni, I remember her saying to me, “You love makeup; have you heard of Oriflame?” I hadn’t. 

She told me how with Oriflame you could travel the world and even visit Europe twice a year. I said to my husband: “I’m going to take this opportunity – if she can, then so can I!” Five months after I joined, I became a Senior Manager; within the first year, I received three new titles. 

And in less than three years you’re now at Diamond Director level!
It’s because of all of the support that Oriflame has given me; it’s an easy way to start a business without needing much money to begin with. As long as you want to learn, you can do it!

Do you use social media and online tools to reach new customers?
Because I work as a flight attendant, I run 80% of my business online and spend the rest of my time offline, connecting through beauty classes, meeting with my team and distributing flyers; I do all of this on my time off. 

And are you excited about the 50th Anniversary Cruise?
Yes, it sounds like a dream! I hope to take lots of my team with me – my goal is 50! In Copenhagen, I will take 18 members of my team with me – that’s the best part! 

Wow, 50 people! Do you feel like you’ve helped others to change their lives?
No, but I do feel that Oriflame has changed my life and my dreams. Instead of serving people for the rest of my life, Oriflame has taught me that I deserve better – that I can earn money without being away from my family. Oriflame has done so many wonderful things for my life!

My life my style
5 Tips for Digitalising Your Business

Clea O’Hana is the half-South African, half-Moroccan founder of WiShi: a crowd-source styling platform where users can upload their wardrobes digitally and have their friends or online stylists, style them for any event or occasion. With investment from Maurice Marciano (the Founder and Chairman of fashion brand GUESS) and a 9 strong workforce, we asked Clea to share her best advice for taking your business online.

This applies to any business, on or offline, but it’s essential: Be unbelievably persistent, motivated and believe in your idea. Perseverance and hard work are the ingredients to success, sometimes even more than talent.”

“I’m a Finance and Economics graduate, but my professional background is styling. I am by no means a digital expert (although my co-founder Lia Kislev is), but I work hard to educate myself in this area. If you want to successfully take your business online, spend time learning the basics: take courses in digital marketing and learn about SEO, read blogs and articles about selling online, familiarise yourself with the social media channels that your audience is using.”

“Leverage the tools that are already available online. If you are selling products, then learn about the platforms that will help you do this. If you’re selling a service, then look at online platforms where you can promote your expertise easily, for example at WiShi, people who want a job as a stylist can try out their skills via our app., if they demonstrate their ability and get approved by the crowd, they are awarded a “Stylist Badge” and can begin to earn money. Other examples include (a freelance marketplace offering services for $5) or 99designs (a graphic design market place). Look for the digital tools that are already available to you online and think about how you can use them to promote your business smartly.”

"Perseverance and hard work are the ingredients to success, sometimes even more than talent." 
“Grow your social media business with unique content. For example, at WiShi we provide unbelievable content: beautiful pictures, interesting articles (from our blog), fun contests etc. I truly believe that every single person should have the possibility to feel their best and reach out to those who can offer advice – our social media channels have helped us communicate what WiShi is, attracting visitors and recruiting stylists.”

“It’s so important to know what makes your business unique. I began my career in styling at Net-A-Porter, and that’s where the idea of WiShi first came about, but before I pursued the idea, I worked at Belstaff, styling the likes of David Beckham and Katy Perry. I knew the market place and could see that there was a demand for WiShi within it: a destination where anyone could go to get styling advice, irrespective of net-worth. At WiShi we’re very clear on what we offer: you can both get styled or start your own styling portfolio to become an approved stylist - this h
Why It Pays To Work For Yourself
Feature Editorial

Imagine a life which you can live on your own terms, have the freedom to choose how you spend your time and what project you want to work on. Sounds interesting? Thought so! While self-employment can be a tough gig, there are plenty of reasons why taking that step to freedom and working for yourself is a fantastic idea.

Tired of sitting in an office? Good, you don’t have to anymore! When you work for yourself, the world is truly your oyster. You can work from your kitchen table, in your favourite café or even at the beach. Whatever you prefer. 

Traffic jams and rush hour gridlock, delayed or cancelled buses and trains, bad weather. The list of reasons why commuting is not fun seems endless! Long commutes are stressful and can eventually lead to anxiety, frustration and depression. When you work for yourself and the world is your office, commuting will no longer be an issue. 

You can decide exactly how many hours per day you want to work and when you can go on holiday. No more asking for permission to go on holiday or to take time off to watch your child’s first football match or dance recital. You can devote more time to your family or your interests like taking up yoga, volunteering for a local charity or whatever excites you. 

You know better than anyone else which skills you need to develop. Perhaps you want to study a new language, learn accounting or sign up for a course in building your personal brand? You can decide what will help you and your business grow. In short, you grow by daring to try new things. 

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing now, it could negatively affect your everyday life. When you work for yourself, you can focus on what feels meaningful or what makes you smile. You can choose the path you take and make the decisions that will most benefit you. Once you’ve taken life by the reins and become your own boss, your confidence soars and you develop a greater appreciation for what it takes to make your dreams a reality. When you’re your own boss, you’re in control of your destiny. You can decide for yourself how far you want to go and how to get there. What do you say? Isn’t it time you took that first step to changing your life? 

Healthy and body
Juicing: Healthy or Just Hype?
Healthy and body

The American juice and smoothie industry alone is worth $2.3 billion a year – it’s big business. We’re promised radiant skin, weight loss, detoxed bodies and a clearer mind. But does the blend-trend reap the benefits it suggests? We investigate.

A daily juice or smoothie is an easy way to increase your dosage of fruit and vegetables and to stock up on the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body needs to be healthy. In that sense, they are a healthy addition to your diet. But be weary of sugar. A single store bought smoothie can contain several kiwis and oranges, a banana, berries – that’s a lot of sugary fruit in one glass!

To keep your juices or smoothies as healthy as possible make them at home. Then try for low GI fruits like apples and pears and avoid adding sweetened yoghurts to your recipe. A good tip is to incorporate green vegetables into your smoothies too – try aiming for 70% vegetables and 30% fruit. And for a really nutritious drink, add protein with Greek yoghurt or almond milk.

But are they healthy? At the end of the day a mid-morning smoothie, will always be better for you than a mid-morning pastry!

But the truth is, smoothies and juices don’t reap all of their promised health benefits.

One “hyped” phenomenon is cold-press juicing, which in the U.S.A alone is worth over $100 million a year. Cold-pressed juices promise a healthier, more nutritious drink, but there is no evidence to support that this high pressure processing method is any better than any other method. So when it comes to cold-pressing we say: Hype.

And be wary of juice cleanses that promise to detox the body of toxins – a healthy body will rid itself of toxins on its own. A “day off” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but juices and smoothies shouldn’t replace a large quantity of your meals – your body needs protein, healthy fats and other macronutrients too.

If you’re looking to lose or maintain your weight, adding a scoop of Natural Balance Shake to your smoothie will add protein, fibre and Omega-3 to your diet and help reduce food cravings.

Your Essential Recipe Guide

Fight off colds with this immune-boosting recipe that’s only 172kcal. 

1 scoop Natural Balance Shake
50 ml low-fat milk 
100 ml low-fat yoghurt 
8 blueberries 
3 almonds 

Get beautiful, smooth skin from the inside-out with our skin saviour smoothie! 

1 scoop Natural Balance Shake
50 ml low-fat milk 
100 ml low-fat yoghurt 
3 strawberries 
6 blueberries 
1 tsp ground flax seed

Want more energy and focus? Start your day with this 167kcal drink.

1 scoop Natural Balance Shake
150 ml. low-fat milk 
1/2 banana 
1 teaspoon lemon juice

If you’re sticking to a low-GI diet, this is the recipe for you!

1 scoop Natural Balance Shake Strawberry
150 ml Cold soya milk
1 tea spoon of flaxseed
6 mixed raspberries 

Beauty Beauty Alert: Trends to Watch in 2020
Editors pick

Microtrends and the hottest styling ideas - let`s make the most of our wardrobes and our dear make-up bags!

Florals - say it with flowers! 
To be able to nail the floral trend, combine your dresses with low-key shoes and minimal add-ons to avoid visual overload.

Short squoval shapes, clear press-on technique, white nails and nudes – heads up, nail art is taking a minimalist turn.

The 1960s 
Triangles, rectangles, squares – the retro prints will land on the streets. Top-to-toe too bold? Team print skirts or jackets with plain colour.

Shine On 
No matter how sheer you go it is always a statement, so just go for it! 
Check this out: The ONE Power Shine HD Lipstick

Bold Colours 
Red, blue, yellow – take your pick! 2019 is all about getting back to basics on the colour chart.

This season even the boldest looks will be built on a natural, healthy looking foundation. 

Microtrends and the hottest styling ideas - let`s make the most of our wardrobes and our dear make-up bags!

Florals - say it with flowers! 
To be able to nail the floral trend, combine your dresses with low-key shoes and minimal add-ons to avoid visual overload.

Short squoval shapes, clear press-on technique, white nails and nudes – heads up, nail art is taking a minimalist turn.

The 1960s 
Triangles, rectangles, squares – the retro prints will land on the streets. Top-to-toe too bold? Team print skirts or jackets with plain colour.

Shine On 
No matter how sheer you go it is always a statement, so just go for it! 
Check this out: The ONE Power Shine HD Lipstick

Bold Colours 
Red, blue, yellow – take your pick! 2019 is all about getting back to basics on the colour chart.

This season even the boldest looks will be built on a natural, healthy looking foundation. 
Check this out: The ONE A-Z Cream

Bath and Beauty
New Beauty Drink - Aqua Glow by Oriflame Cosmetics
Bath and Beauty

The Wellness by Oriflame logo is retained for recognition and reassurance, whilst foiling it in rose gold brings the required premium and quality cues. Geometric facets, moving from left to right up the pack in keeping with semiotic codes of positivity and optimism, reflect the science behind the product. These are offset by the soft, gentle hues they are printed in, which together with the uncoated, subtly flecked stock convey the Swedish inspired ingredients such as lingonberry used in its formulation. As a finishing touch, one facet has a rippling, foiled pattern, that alludes to the product name and convenient delivery system of dissolving into water. The end result is a design that delivers in the hand and on-screen; appealing strongly to online influencers, as evidenced by its coverage on Instagram.

3 Ways You’ll See Sweden In Our New Packaging!
Wellness Shake

3 Ways You’ll See Sweden In Our New Packaging! 

We speak to Cornelia Greko, Senior Manager Global Packaging Design, to pull back the curtain and share the inspiration behind our fantastic new Wellness by Oriflame product designs.

With its visual, stylish simplicity, contemporary Swedish design has taken the world by storm and symbolises the perfect marriage of form and function. In other words, design with a purpose. To distill a concept through a pragmatic, yet bright lens is a common characteristic throughout all fields of Swedish design. Indeed, we worship the true beauty in everyday objects! 

To realise our vision for the new label designs we partnered closely with one of the leading, award-winning design studios in Europe. Our goal was to bring the product family up to date and infuse each product with a distinctly premium Swedish aesthetic. In the process, we wanted to create a cohesive range that invites and attracts our consumers, along with an exclusive feel that does justice to the quality of the product benefits. It was also vital that the designs convey the story of each product, in an equally emotional and rational expression – to make our consumers fall in love with our products, and to ensure they are user-friendly and easily navigable, as a complete range and on an individual product level. 

“To realise our vision for the new label designs we partnered closely with one of the leading, award-winning design studios in Europe.” 
- Cornelia Greko, Senior Manager Global Packaging Design 

Increasingly, modern Swedish design has also focused on sustainability and that’s why, when you peek inside any new-look Wellness by Oriflame product box, you’ll notice one thing – no leaflet! 

Sustainability is something Oriflame takes very seriously and, whenever possible, we take steps towards becoming even more sustainable. During the redesign of our Wellness by Oriflame products we identified an opportunity to do just that, by removing the leaflets. In doing so, paper wastage is cut dramatically which means, with every product you buy, you’re doing good – not just for yourself, but the environment too. All the information you used to find in the leaflet is now printed conveniently on the back and sides of the box. 

Through major cities to the tiniest villages of Sweden, one thing is apparent when it comes to Swedish architecture: the colours of the buildings. Cinnamon, olive green, reds and even splashes of pastel pinks, yellows and blues live side by side, creating a wonderfully eclectic palette that has been a Swedish hallmark for centuries. 

Inspired by its enduring appeal, we incorporated many of these beautiful hues in the creation of our new labels as a subtle way to celebrate our Swedish heritage. Importantly though, we also wanted to maintain the Wellness by Oriflame brand identity which has become so recognisable around the world over the last decade, so we kept the vibrant purple colour on our bestselling Wellness Pack woman and Multivitamin & Mineral woman packs.

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