Your Skin Care Problems Solved

Posted on July 10th, 2020 02:35 AM

No doubt about it: skin care is confusing. For every skin care problem, there’s hundreds of conflicting “solutions”. So, we spoke to our panel of Oriflame Experts to get their professional advice on how to solve your biggest skin care problems – once and for all. 


Solution: “Avoid washing your face with soaps and very hot or cold water. Instead, use a moisturising cleanser that has a milk consistency. Exfoliate twice a week to smooth-over patchiness, preparing your skin for moisturising. And apply a nourishing serum under your day and night cream every day.”

- Eve Merinville, Anti-ageing and Skin Care Expert (Ori-Derm) 


Solution: Three tips: cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser; use a lightweight moisturiser; exfoliate regularly.” 

- Alain Mavon, Oriflame Skin Research Director 


Solution: “Pores don’t have muscles, so they can’t open and close. But, cleansing twice a day and scrubbing with a cleansing device will free them of impurities, making pores appear smaller. Purifying clay masks are a gentle way to remove oil from clogged pores.” 

- Melina Galeadi, Skin Care Expert


Solution: “The under-eye skin is delicate so a good eye cream is essential. Apply your eye cream with a rollerball or use a light tapping massage to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Don’t wash off makeup with hot water as this can result in irritation. Instead, make sure you use a good eye makeup remover and take off your makeup gently - rubbing at your eyes will cause inflammation and capillary damage.”

- Nicola Kearns, Principal Scientist - Clinical and Consumer Testing (Ori-derm) 


Solution: “Avoid extreme hot and cold water as this can damage capillaries and increase flushing. If you suffer from redness you’re likely to be particularly sensitive to the sun, so wear a day cream with high SPF or try to avoid the sun all together. Easily irritated skin will respond well to a calming mask.”

- Eve Merinville, Anti-ageing and Skin Care Expert (Ori-Derm)


Solution: “Sun exposure can lead to brown spots, so a day cream with a high SPF is an essential prevention technique. Treat scars with oils or products that contain Vitamin E.” 

- Nicola Kearns, Principal Scientist - Clinical and Consumer Testing (Ori-derm)  


Solution: “Fine lines are a sign of ageing skin, and UV exposure speeds up the ageing process, so a good day cream with high SPF is key. Use an anti-ageing serum and a specialised day and night cream daily. Make sure your skin is kept hydrated by drinking plenty of water.”


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