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Posted on September 19th, 2019 09:52 PM

Don’t have the budget to dress in high fashion designer clothes, do not worry! You can easily create equally great looks on a budget, by finding similar pieces on the High Street. Or even better - maybe you have something old in your cupboard that you can style in a brand new way. When planning this post I was scrolling through fashion articles and Pinterest and ended up finding this photo of Caro Daur looking fab in a neon high neck and beige suit. I kind of imagine that the items she is wearing here in this photo are all quite pricey designer clothes, so I decided to do my best to create a similar look using only items from the High Street. What I’m wearing here is from Mango (the suit), Asos (neon jumper), Vagabond (Boots), Zara (handbag), Lindex (earrings) and from NA-KD (sunglasses). The whole outfit costs around £300 including the boots :)



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