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The Classy Looks

We are experts when it comes to retail fashion and beauty, for we know the styles that are always a must go for, for both men and women. With Look Fab styles you will never go wrong, for we have wide range of styles for parties,casual,work etc. We also have branded beauty products from the world’s well known brands like Avon, Calvin Klein,Carolina Herrera, Adidas still counting. We are based online in UK. We refresh our styles every now and then to keep our customers on track. You save the hassle of knowing what’s trending every season, for we are champions when it comes to that. We also have stylish handbags and shoes as well and jewellery for this will complete a woman’s outfit, for men we have all occasions styles as well and more are coming soon for our customers. Every year fashion changes, so this year 2020 we are already feeding our customers with the trending styles. Last year 2019 Neon fashion was hot in fashion and 2020 has much more better styles to look forward to. 2020 there is classic blue that is hot right now and it’s good to go with the styles hot right now. For men lined trucker jackets are on the trending list right now. We sell Fashion handbag,crossbody,satchel,shoulder bags etc, and our beauty products include fragrances,skincare, hair care,makeup. We have wide range of beauty products from women’s fragrances, makeup, skincare, men’s fragrances, bath and shower, hair care and styling and body care. Our body Care products include moisturising body cream, cream for legs, body spray, body scrub, massage oil, hand cream, face and body moisturiser, argan oil, body shake, body soufflé. Our hair care products include: Shampoo, conditioner, intensive nourishing mask, serum for dry hair ends, leave in hair balm, regenerating hair mask and leave in 4d hair treatment. Women’s Fragrances include: Far away by Avon, Treselle, cherish, passion dance, celebre, perceive, rare gold, little black dress, luck for her, far away rebel, incadendessence, summer white, attraction for her, pur Blanca, Carolina Herrera, Hugo boss, etc. We also have fragrance gift sets for both men and women to buy for special occasions. For skin care we have toning and calming, face mask, eye care, facial exloliators, we have for oil skin, dry skin,  normal skin, sensitive skin, combination skin,Anti-aging, problematic skin, atopic dermatitis, under-eye circles, acne treatments , filming care, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores. You will get more fashion and beauty products to suit you.  



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